What Can a Celebrant Do For You When You Lose a Loved One

A Funeral Celebrant is a person who seeks to meet the needs of families during their time of loss. We serve by providing a funeral ceremony that is personalized to reflect the personality of and lifestyle of the deceased.

We offer an alternative type of funeral or memorial ceremony for those families who want something unique and meaningful in nature.

A Celebrant Provides Personalized, Meaningful Ceremonies

A Celebrant Provides Personalized, Meaningful Ceremonies

the celebrant's role

Celebrants are an integral part of any ceremony, taking a special interest in the deceased and the feelings of the family.

The celebrant functions as the presenter of a funeral ceremony or service, Master of Ceremonies, and organizer of the order of service for the ceremony.

We always meet with the bereaved family to gain a thorough portrait of the person who has died and his or her life.

We then prepare a unique written ceremony based on memories and wishes, including a detailed personal eulogy.

If required, we help the family to decide what their public role will be for the service.

Meaningful and Personal Funeral Services and Celebrations of Life

Meaningful and Personal Funeral Services and Celebrations of Life

we write custom written ceremonies

We have been trained and have a wealth of experience in designing and creating a funeral or memorial ceremony that is completely personal, incorporating those unique stories, songs and experiences that defined your loved one.

Your ceremony can include music, poems, readings, and other elements, as desired.


Custom Written Ceremonies

Custom Written Ceremonies

green burials - a gentler alternative

Traditional burials and cremations have been around for centuries.   Throughout the ages, traditions changed and cremation was at varying times forbidden by law and by certain religions.  Yet in Roman times, cremation was the usual form of disposal of a human body.   Trends changed over the centuries and was, until quite recently, banned by the Catholic Church.

Enter a third alternative, natural or green burial;  although this method has been around for centuries, in modern times, it has emerged again.  So what is a natural or green burial?    First, the body cannot be embalmed, neither in the more common sense with a formaldehyde based solution or using the more modern methods – although considered natural –  they are still toxic.  Big cold, wooden boxes (aka coffins or caskets) are not allowed.   Headstones or any other mark for the grave which are not natural or biodegradable are also not allowed.

Fortunately, there are now four natural burial grounds and three of them are in Ontario.  Of the three in Ontario, one is in Brampton, the other two are handily located in Durham Region, one in Pickering and another in Cobourg.

So all Durham Region residents and neighbours are in an excellent location with easy access to natural or green burials for themselves and family members.  Having a close place for the funeral service as well as meaningful visits to the burial site, in the months and years to come, is an important advantage.

For additional information, please contact us.  Additional information is also available on the National Burial Association’s website at http://www.naturalburialassoc.ca/