Wedding Ceremony Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I hold my ceremony?

A: The only requirement for a ceremony is the couple, a valid Ontario license and two witnesses. Your ceremony can be held at your home, a golf club, restaurant or almost anywhere else you can think of.  Even your own living room.  It is your choice.. where ever your heart desires (within legal boundaries), you decide!

Remember, most wedding venues are able to accommodate your wedding ceremony as well as the reception. Often there are outside locations with garden and landscape backdrops for ceremonies which make beautiful photographs (weather permitting of course).

Q: We want a celebration which is not religious, can you accommodate us?

A: Yes, we are available for non-religious ceremonies as well as spiritual ceremonies.  We are able to officiate many different types of ceremonies.  Please call or e-mail us and we will be able to create a wedding ceremony which is just right for you and your loved ones.

Q:  We want a really short ceremony, can you do that for us?

A: Yes, we can make the ceremony as short as you want provided the correct words are included in the ceremony which are required by the Marriage Act of Ontario.

Please bear in mind that most wedding ceremonies are over very quickly and cannot be repeated as such.  Many couples have regretted very short ceremonies and told us that they wished they had allowed more time for such a memorable and meaningful event.

Q: Do you have restrictions against certain parts of a ceremony (i.e., music, photographs, non-traditional vows, etc.) ?

A: There are no restrictions – ask if you are not sure! Definitely use the type of music that you enjoy.  Non- traditional vows or just legal vows are perfect.  We’ve heard almost everything that can be spoken or written and we can assist you with writing your own vows to make your ceremony memorable.

Q: Is it necessary to use a standard set of vows – or can we use our own?

A: No, it is not necessary! Each ceremony can be personalized to suit each couple’s needs and wants. We will work with you to create the ceremony and vows that will make your day special.  However, there are certain legal vows which must be spoken as set out in the Marriage Act of Ontario.  We can provide you with those words in advance so that you will be familiar with that part of the ceremony.

Q: Can quick elopements be accommodated?

A: Yes! – As long as you have obtained your marriage licence in Ontario, quick elopement ceremonies can be performed at any time.  We will always do everything we can to accommodate a spontaneous or last minute ceremony as we don’t want anyone to have to spoil their wedding preparation time by hunting for an officiant.