You may be wondering - what on earth is a Celebrant?

So what is it?

The word, meaning and value of a Celebrant are generally unknown to most Ontarians. We intend to change that along with you.

Generally, public knowledge regarding wedding celebrancy in Ontario is scarce; its existence in our culture and community has been missed.

Quite simply, a Celebrant is a ceremony specialist trained to write and create personal, memorable and meaningful ceremonies for weddings and vow renewals as well as baby blessings/namings, funerals and memorials. Celebrancy is not a one size fits all service.

it’s all about Choices

Choosing a celebrant means your ceremony will be just about you - with the appropriate tone, content and music of course to add to the occasion.

Your ceremony can be completely without religion, yet can include some religion, spirituality and meaningful elements which are right for you.

For couples that want a small amount of religion instead of a full religious ceremony, as an example, one or two meaningful readings and a prayer can be included…with the balance being non-religious, spiritual and of course, completely about the two of you. Add some special elements such as handfasting or perhaps a rock or ring warming ceremony for enhancement to make your day even more special.

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